Welcome Scholars! Come and see the scholarships we are offering!

A lot of young Filipinos haven’t given the opportunity to explore their knowledge greatly in Science. Human societies all over the world have developed sets experiences and explanations relating to the environments they live in.

We are ready to help and support your studies by offering trainings. Trainings that can possibly We are here to give a hand to aspiring Filipinos who wants to achieve their goals and become social science professionals with the expertise to respond to the call of science, with a sense of urgency, and to respond to the rapidly changing of social and cultural landscapes that constitute the world we live in.


Scholarship here can help these young Filipinos and encourage them to put their studies on top of their priorities. Producing more Filipino social science professionals is our goal and assisting these scholars for the next years is a continued outlook. We will continue what we have started as a way of responding to these young Filipino who needs our help by giving them proper education that would surely develop their future.

Join us and help us improve your life that responds to the needs of the future to come. Find out more, discover the things that answer your dreams. Let us bring you to your dreams!